We see a world where inequity and stigma do not separate men from healthcare.



We see a world where inequity and stigma do not separate men from healthcare.

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The Men’s Health Foundation connects men at risk to comprehensive healthcare and wellness through education, collaboration, and advocacy, inspiring and empowering all men to live longer, healthier and happier lives.


We are an inclusive care provider serving men of all ages and backgrounds for overall health and wellness.


Our programs promote better health outcomes by providing access to primary care and high-impact prevention strategies. We engage in cutting-edge research that continuously improves men’s healthcare, and address health inequity through community outreach, integrative health education, and comprehensive care, regardless of your ability to pay.


Take action with the best doctors, staff and facility in the country for check ups, prevention, and treatment.

Our compassionate staff and comprehensive state-of-the-art facility make expert care and health living easy and pleasurable.

Innovative focus on research and clinical trials to advance success in men’s healthcare initiatives.

Our dedicated team of physicians and medical professionals has years of experience. Utilizing the latest technologies, they help us and our industry partners create longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Easy access to the latest medications, supplements, and immunizations.

Our Pharmacy and staff provide access to life-enhancing and life-saving medications for patients of our practice and in our community through outreach programs.

A safe space for young men, ages 12–29, focusing on health and wellness through community, education and empowerment.

We provide access to fitness and nutrition programming, personal and professional development, healthcare and disease prevention.

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dedicated professionals


on-site pharmacy


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Men’s Health Foundation thanks our community health partner, the Cigna Foundation

Men’s Health Foundation thanks our community health partner, the Cigna Foundation, for awarding us with a World of Difference grant to support our efforts in improving community health, especially among young men of color.

About the Cigna Foundation

The Cigna Foundation, founded in 1962, is a private foundation funded by contributions from Cigna Corporation (NYSE: CI) and its subsidiaries. The Cigna Foundation supports organizations sharing its commitment to enhancing the health of individuals and families, and the well-being of their communities, with a special focus on those communities where Cigna employees live and work.

Addressing Stigma That Limits PrEP Use for HIV

The media was found to be both complicit in increasing stigma around pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), and helpful in reducing it as an impediment to its use for HIV prevention, according to the results of new study.

In research focused on identifying the media’s role in originating, facilitating, and perpetuating stigma surrounding PrEP […]