About Us

Inspiring and empowering all men to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

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Edwin and April at Men's Health Foundation

At Men’s Health Foundation, we’re dedicated to providing healthcare, preventive care and social services to improve the lives of all men. We believe that by reimagining the way healthcare is delivered, we can help create greater health equity for those men most at risk, breaking down barriers to care. We welcome gay, straight, bisexual and questioning men and transgender women.

Our Mission

Men’s Health Foundation connects men at risk to comprehensive healthcare and wellness through education, collaboration, and advocacy, inspiring and empowering all men to live longer healthier and happier lives.

Our Vision

We see a world where inequity and stigma do not separate men from healthcare.

Our Values

We’re proud advocates for access to care, disease prevention, treatment and wellness in order to advance the development, dissemination and evaluation of high quality, effective models of medical service delivery.

We work at the individual, community, and cultural level to address the social determinants of men’s health though programs that address racism, stigma, substance abuse, gender-based violence, homelessness, and homophobia.

We’re invested in ending the rise in STD rates and new HIV infections by implementing high-impact prevention strategies, new treatments, cure research and programs to reduce STD and HIV transmission while promoting the sexual, emotional, and physical health of all men and transgender women.

Our diversified funding base serves to develop innovative programs and services that have sustainability, and we invest in our culturally-competent staff, promoting an environment of continuous learning, productivity, leadership and compassion.

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