PrEP Research Study

PrEP Research Study

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The Men’s Health Foundation is conducting an investigator sponsored research study, “PUMP” ( PrEP in Urban Medical Primary Care). It is a non-randomized, unblinded, retrospective and prospective analysis of  PrEP.  (The Southern California Men’s Medical Group, the clinical arm of Men’s Health Foundation, is one of the largest private prescribers of Truvada for PrEP in the US). The study goal is to evaluate real world retrospective and prospective PrEP data in a high capacity, urban primary and specialty care clinic of 300 MSM patients prescribed PrEP.

The Men’s Health Foundation has received funding to conduct a research study regarding PrEP. While the effectiveness of PrEP is no longer an issue to dispute, there is still a need for more data. Because most of the information that we have about PrEP comes from highly controlled and closely monitored clinical trials, it’s necessary to collect data about how PrEP will work in a real-world setting. The Men’s Health Foundation will be conducting a two-part PrEP study, which will include retrospective and prospective data collection.

The retrospective PrEP study will evaluate the outcomes of up to 300 past clinic patients who were prescribed PrEP. The study will seek information about how patients took PrEP, whether they followed recommended treatment regimens, whether they came back for follow-up appointments, and if they were able to remain HIV negative throughout the duration of their treatment.

The prospective PrEP study will evaluate PrEP care and outcomes for 60 MSM patients taking PrEP over the course of one year. Patients will be tested every three months for HIV and STDs.

The Men’s Health Foundation is excited to be a part of research that will help to establish the way that PrEP will be clinically utilized in a real-world setting.