High Percentage for PrEP Indications for MSM

High Percentage for PrEP Indications for MSM

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New CDC Report Shows High Percentage for PrEP Indications for MSM

Last week, the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) released estimated percentages and numbers of adults with indications for PrEP. Among adult MSM aged 18-59 years in the United States who report sexual activity in the past year, approximately 25% have indications for PrEP to prevent HIV acquisition, compared with approximately 18% of persons who inject drugs and 0.4% of heterosexually active adults.

The high percentage of MSM with PrEP indications is consistent with the high number of new HIV infections among MSM. The high percentage of persons who inject drugs with PrEP indications reflects the relatively high percentage who report using a needle after it was used by another injector. The low percentage and high absolute number of heterosexually active adults is a reflection of the large heterosexually active U.S. population and the low rate of new HIV diagnoses in these adults. The actual risk for acquiring HIV infection for each of these transmission risk groups differs based on efficiency of transmission routes and likelihood of exposure to HIV.

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